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Major project in Benelux

Major project in Benelux - Stadskanaal & Buinerveen

Green energy for at least 50,000 households

For the realization of the solar park Stadskanaal, approximately 245,000 solar panels were installed on around 80 hectares of land. It will have an installed capacity of 101 MWp. In addition, the Buinerveen solar park comprises around 110,000 solar modules on 40 hectares of land with a nominal capacity of 45 MWp.

With a total capacity of 146 MWp, these two solar parks form the largest project in the BeNeLux countries with a direct connection point to the TenneT high-voltage grid. At least 50,000 households in the Netherlands will be supplied with green energy thanks to this project. The annual CO² emissions can thus be reduced by 60,000 tonnes.

355,000 solar modules | 60,000t CO² savings per year | 2020 | Rated power approx. 146 MWp

Gennep, Netherlands

Gennep, Netherlands

Solar park Gennep

Power supply to around 3,500 households

The solar park of approx. 12 ha was realized near Heijen in the municipality of Gennep in the Netherlands. It will generate around 13 MWp of solar energy, which will be enough to supply around 3,500 households. This will save about 7,000 tonnes of CO² per year.

39,000 solar modules | 7,000t of CO² saving each year | 2020 | Rated power of approx. 13 MWp