MEISER open area mounting systems for utility scale solar projects

PV mounting systems for any site and any terrain, developed and manufactured in Germany

MEISER Solar develops and produces mounting systems for solar parks on any site and suitable for any terrain, whether this is agricultural land oder an industrial site, former airfield, mining area, slag heap or former landfill.

Our mounting systems are sustainably produced in our own steelworks in Germany and are fully recyclable. They are suitable for pile driven foundations, ballast foundations and concrete foundations and available in four versions.

Especially quick and efficient assembly and mounting

All MEISER Solar frame systems can be set up with just two tools and can thus be mounted especially quickly and efficiently. The installation effort is reduced, the logistics on the construction site are easier to manage, and overall there is less room for errors.

The MEISER Solar mounting system in four versions

  • MEISER Dyo
    Single-pile mounting system for two rows of modules, portrait

  • MEISER Treis
    Double-pile mounting system for three rows of modules, portrait

  • MEISER Hektos
    Double-pile mounting system for six rows of modules, landscape

  • MEISER Tetartos
    Double-pile mounting system for four rows of modules, portrait or landscape


Mounting systems to meet your needs, including structural analysis

We can prepare a project-specific structural analysis (DIN/EC/local) as well as table and part drawings to suit your requirements regarding module arrangement and table layout. Engineering and structural analysis are carried out by MEISER Solar directly.

The assembly manuals for each solar project are available in German and English as standard, and are individually adapted to suit your requirements.

Simple electrical assembly and cabling

The module cabling and string cabling can be laid in the truss profiles and purlin runners without additional components. We can also offer and plan out suitable solutions for power inverter brackets as an option.

The MEISER Solar mounting system has a lightning protection certification. The continuous electrical connections between terminals, purlins, trusses and posts allow for potential equalization.

Only high-quality stainless steel connectors manufactured in Germany are used. Trusses and purlin runners from strip-galvanized Magnelis® also add quality.