Are you planning a solar project?

We produce mounting-systems in-house and deliver for you in record time,

to make you independent of the international supply chain - and 100% ESG-compliant.

  • ◽ 100% in our own production in Germany
  • ◽ Quotation preparation < 10 working days
  • ◽ Delivery 4 weeks after your order

These challenges await you so far

It takes an average of two years in Europe for planning permission to be granted for ground-mounted solar parks. Dependence on international supply chains can delay completion after ready-to-build - especially in the current global crisis. Years after completion, inadequate galvanisation can lead to rusting through.

Get the MEISER advantage

You can change that. Because MEISER can look back on 65 years of experience and is one of the world's largest producers of restraint systems. Our in-house production (100% in made in Germany) makes you independent of international supply chains.

We produce all steps around the clock in 3-shift operation under one roof (ESG-compliant). We prepare quotations within 10 working days. And we deliver from the fourth week after order placement at the latest.



We give you our guarantee on the highest quality of our products - for up to 40 years!

Problems such as rusting through and incorrect analyses of the floor are a thing of the past.



We were able to supply Germany's largest solar park, Weesow-Willmersdorf, in just 3 months - despite the lockdown! That was a new record!

Other references include the largest solar parks at the time in Hungary and the Netherlands and the largest EEG-subsidised solar park in Germany.


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