As your specialist for open area PV systems, we have many years of experience in the solar industry.

Our substructure systems made of steel and aluminium are 100% made in Germany:

From the steel purchasing and splitting to the production and galvanising, the entire value chain is represented in our own factories in Schmelz-Limbach and Oelsnitz. In this way, we can always guarantee the optimal quality of our mounting systems and best delivery times.

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We deliver our open area PV mounting systems to our customers and partners worldwide. So far, solar parks with our mounting systems have been installed in Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, England, Iran, and the United States, in fields and meadows, on contaminated sites and sealed surfaces, in hilly desert landscapes as well as in wet, low-lying, and coastal areas.

Looking back today, we feel proud of our systems, which have an approximate installed capacity of 1 GW.

MEISER modular systems for PV mounting systems are the ideal addition to our service portfolio.

The Solar division completes the range of services offered by MEISER Straßenausstattung GmbH, which has been dedicated to the development, production, assembly, and worldwide distribution of diverse restraint systems since 1984. For more than 30 years, MEISER Straßenausstattung has also specialised in the installation of safety devices, guardrails, railings, and noise protection walls.